Can it help with Arthritis?

Many patients frequently ask whether glucosamine sulphate can help relieve the pain associated with arthritis. Glucosamine sulphate is one of the components needed in the formation of normal joint (articular) cartilage. Articular cartilage is the smooth, pearly like substance which lines the bony ends of most joints. Normal cartilage helps to relieve and distribute stresses evenly through the joint. It assists with joint nutrition and aids the many joints in our body to move freely and smoothly without pain. When this cartilage begins to wear down we begin to notice pain and increased stiffness in our joints. Glucosamine sulphate has been suggested to help rebuild lost cartilage and hence reduce the pain associated with arthritis.

In a recently published study, 212 patients with knee osteoarthritis were randomly assigned 1500mg of oral glucosamine or placebo (e.g. salt tablets), once daily for three years. The long term follow up of these patients after three years revealed that those individuals who were on glucosamine had a significant reduction in pain, while the placebo group (those not taking glucosamine) actually became slightly worse over time.

After reading this excerpt, you may want to try taking glucosamine sulphate. As always please consult your family physician before initiating any therapy on your own.