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  • Stubborn Plantar Fasciitis or Neural?

    Stubborn plantar fasciitis or neural that is the question. A patient presenting with persistent plantar fasciitis is not an uncommon occurrence in today’s busy orthopaedic practice. In some cases where a patient fails to respond to conventional tre...

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  • Treatment of Lower Back Pain

    Low back pain is one of the most costly conditions in musculoskeletal health care. The issue of safe, efficacious and cost-effective management for low back pain has never been more critical.   Role of Physiotherapy One of the principal quest...

  • Treatment of Neck Pain

    The treatment of neck pain is multifactorial. The articular, muscular, and motor control (neural) systems may all or in part be implicated.  This triad can be influenced by non-neuromusculoskeletal factors such as the clients' current emotional and ...