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Added Three New Services

  • In 2006, Body In Balance Physiotherapy added three new services to our roster; psychology, driver rehabilitation and aquatic therapy.  These services were implemented to meet the management needs of clients involved in serious accidents.
  • Barry Clements was added in January 2006.  His experience with driver rehabilitation has helped many individuals regain their freedom.  Click here to learn more about Barry.
  • Dr.Cathy Notarfonzo, our Registered Psychologist, joined our team in January 2006.  She has provided treatment programs in the areas of anxiety, stress and pain management.  Learn more about Dr.  Notarfonzo.
  • Sonia Rosatelli is a Registered Physiotherapist with a special ionterest in Aquatic Therapy.  Our aquatic therapy program began in 2006.  Click here to see Sonia’s profile.

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